BISHOP ARTS, N. OAK CLIFF, DALLAS, TX. Art is at the core of every great urban neighborhood.

Taking inspiration from the tradition established by the existing district, Exxir Group’s expansion of Bishop Arts will provide local artists a 12-acre canvas – at the center of Dallas’s most creative neighborhood – to enliven and beautify with their talent and artistry.

Whether the art is murals, glass, sculpture, or food, coffee, and artisanal goods, it is the inspiration for our 500,000 square foot mixed-use project. A project that integrates acres of green open space, human-scale main street retail, art gardens, a boutique hotel for curious travelers and lovingly designed housing that people will be proud to call home. All of it conceived as a work of art itself, by the top architects in the country and built with true craftsmanship and quality materials that will patina gracefully over time.

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CARLISLE - UPTOWN, DALLAS Marrying elegant urban living with nature.

Inspired by the terracing of Hanging Gardens of Babylon, carlisle deliversbeautiful living space and human-scale outdoor retail cascading down into the iconic urban parks of the Katy Trail and Turtle Creek. Tenants and visitors can relax and enjoy the beauty of Lee Park, jog or bike down the Katy Trail, and enjoy the variety of cafes, restaurants, and facilities emphasizing the elegant landscapes and views of Turtle Creek and downtown Dallas.

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The walls talk, so we continue their story.

Gracefully aging, this historic gem of Dallas will be restored to its original glory and enhanced to provide the modern comforts of urban living. Intimate spaces for entertainment and dining will be reintroduced for both tenant and visitor to activate this historic core of Uptown. Maple Terrace will once again stand proudly to honor history and rejuvenate the culture of the City’s most successful neighborhood.